DCT Mission Statement

We believe that radical transparency is necessary at all times.

We expect transparency from the companies we cover – and won’t hesitate to call them out if it’s lacking. Anything less than full transparency from us would be hypocritical. We promise to be upfront about anything and everything that even potentially impacts editorial.

We will provide deep analysis stripped of pretension and posturing.

Our goal is to translate business speak and draw out the insight buried between the lines, and under marketing hyperbole. We want to help customers learn what trends are guiding digital transformation, and help vendors and service providers understand customer needs.

DCT is the voice of the community – so your content submissions are encouraged.

If you have something insightful to say, we’ll publish it. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a two-person startup or head of a conglomerate: if what you have to say is insightful, we want to give you a platform.  Don’t be afraid to take a bold position, but be ready to back it up.

Content will only be rejected if it predominantly serves as an advertisement and/or doesn’t add to the conversation. You know that feeling when you click on an article that sounds interesting, only to be met with a shallow advertisement? I hate that. Any third party content appearing here has been vetted by me to ensure readers it’s not cat-fishing tripe.

Readers will know they’re not wasting their time when they click on third party content and actually read the stuff. Content writers can rest assured they’re getting meaningful reads.

We promise full discretion and protect sources wishing to remain anonymous

Those of you that have worked with me before know that I’m a salt-of-the-earth type who would die before dishonoring his word. If you’re a source that would like to be credited, know I’ll make you look like a superstar.

If you want to provide a tip or remain undisclosed, I’ll go to extreme lengths to ensure you’re protected.

I honor embargoes and NDAs.

In conclusion: we help you disrupt your industry, you help us disrupt industry analysis.

It will take a while to get our bearings in the uncharted waters of being the punk rock option in the world of research and analysis. We’re a skeleton crew by necessity, so there might be technical hiccups and grammatical mistakes here and there. We appreciate your support while we refine our content.

If you’d like to help our cause, reach out. Anything helps – share an article on social media, sound off here, or tell a friend about us.